Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Observatory House - Photoreal Environment Study

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To kick things off, I will be returning to a recent project and giving a few more interesting details about it. My inspiration for this was trying to make an architectural structure out of a basic primitive. For this particular project I chose a UV Sphere.

Like all projects, I wish I could have kept at it a little longer, but hey, whatever. Anyways, what I did first is make the base terrain mesh. The terrain is made using a basic noise displacement with object coordinates so I could use an empty to move the texture so it looked about right.

After I made the base terrain, I started working on blocking objects (water, really simple house, etc) and adding fine details to the house. This was a lot of fun, and as you can see the UV Sphere really dictated how the final structure ended up looking.

The panels are intended to shield from extreme sunlight in the day to keep the interior cool, as this is intended to be a very hot, arid country. The lattice window was made using a mixture of the decimate and wireframe modifiers. That was a little tricky to get right.

Next I moved on to modelling the grass, which wasn't real hard, probably around 45 minutes to get all the bunches. Then I added the material, which I fine tuned over the course of the project. I then moved on to making some procedurally modeled rocks, utilizing voronoi displacement and a few other tricks.

The last main modelling stage was to make the mountains (using the ANT landscape addon) and the willow tree. Although a little unhappy with the quality of the tree, I guess it came out alright.

The compositing was fairly straightforward, one of the main things I did was use film emulation, which kind of inspired the final composite style.


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Monday, February 1, 2016

Blog re-boot - weekly posts coming

I am currently in the process of rebooting the blog, and will be posting weekly (every Wednesday) in future. I will be mostly focused on CG and filmmaking. More soon!