Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rajour Aviator v2-C Headset project and a quick tip!

Over the past few days I have spent my spare time working on a cool project, designing and modeling this set of headphones. I learned a few things, like how to proceduraly generate the wrinkles in the leather padding.

Because the wrinkles are generated proceduraly based on vertex groups, I was able to keep the padding geometry very low for easy modification, unlike a sculpt where I would be limited to using proportional editing.

My method for making the wrinkles consisted of making a vertex group:

Now we will add a subdivision surface modifier, a displace, and then another sub-surf modifier. Set the texture coordinates to "Object" and add an empty and set it as the object. Scale along whichever axis is appropriate. Now just put the strength at .1 or less, and adjust the midlevel setting.

I hope that this gets you started, if you have any questions feel free to comment!

To see the complete project, visit my page on ArtStation!


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